Artists at Breakin' Convention - Touring - Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Performing at Breakin' Convention CLT 2016 across two days at the Knight Theater at the Levine Center for the Arts is this incredible line up of local and international dance companies! 


Africano (NC)

A solo extract from Africano's one man show "inVESTID - The Story of Alex" and "Heaven," originally developed and performed at Open Art Surgery Charlotte 2016, the troubles of a the everyday troubles of a bi-racial teen are explored through dance.

Performing on Friday, September 30

Aftrmath (NC)

Describing the feeling that it's like to escape a situation you don't have control of this strong female collective from North Carolina is trained in hip hop, jazz, ballet and contemporary.

Performing Saturday, October 1

Breakers 4 Life (NC)

Back for the second year, some of the best young street dancers from the state present a showcase of the North Carolina breaking culture!

CrayzeeBeat Collective (NC)

CrayzeeBeat Collective, brought together by creative director AJ Glasco, take the audience through mental health disorders, depicting schizophrenia, autism and depression.

Performing Friday, September 30

Dance 2 Inspire (GA)

All the way from Evans, GA, Dance 2 Inspire shed light on the every day troubles facing Americans 

Performing Friday, September 30

Familia Vongola Dance Company (NC)

The Vongola Crew and partner street dances have teamed up to explore the journey of self challenge venturing into other worlds to discover the keys to personal growth!

Performing Saturday, October 1

Jane Sekonya-John (South Africa)

When an old woman puts on a fisherman's hat she's transported back in time to her younger days, but also has to face memories she hasn't had to deal with in a long time...

Performing pm Saturday, October 1

Jonzi D (UK)

Jonzi D's signature piece Aeroplane Man premiered in 1995 and was the first production to coin the term "hip hop theatre" - the tale of a young black British man looking for belonging. 

Performing Friday, September 30

Just Dance (South Korea)

Seven of Korea's best b-boys representing some of the very best dancers in the international hip hop scene - fusing contemporary Korean culture with contemporary b-boy choreography that will astound, choreographed by B-Boy Ducky!

Performing Friday, September 30 & Saturday 1 October

NC Dance District (NC)

Secrets, anxiety, doubt, fear: The "dirty stains" we carry with us when going through different mental stages of the mind

Performing Friday, September 30

NU Paradigm Entertainment (NC)

What if hip hop and street dance existed in the 1940s? Nu Paradigm ask that question, blending the Charleston, Lindy hop and tap with popping, locking and waacking.

Performing Saturday, October 1 

Pro-Motion (UK)

A light-hearted and attention grabbing exploration of popping choreography, illusion, and comedy, set to some eclectic music from some of UK's champion poppers!

Performing Friday, September 30 & Saturday, October 1

Reliable Brother (NC)

ReliableBrother present a tribute to PM Dawn's music and positive messages who inspired them to soar in life - and go after their dreams.

Son Kiss'd Dance Theater (TX)

A blend of contemporary and street dance that explores the rhythms of the music through the concept of endurance: This is no warm up act!

Performing Saturday, October 1

Tentacle Tribe (Canada)

In a fusion of music and movement Tentacle Tribe invent a geometry of harmonious urban contemporary dance that's "street dance deconstructed."

Performing Friday, September 30 & Saturday, October 1